1. Gh4+Movi m10




  4. these shadows would not meet again for a very long time


  5. Testing Anamorphic Lenses


  6. Directed by Drew Mylrea
    Cinematography by Kevin Pham




  9. I served as Director of Photography. All artificial lighting, we were in a studio.


  10. modXchange

    Directed by Vince Pham

    Produced by John Pham

    DP Kevin Pham

    It’s not a family affair, it’s a nationalistic one.


  11. Me on set vol. 4


  12. dream captain



  13. Here’s a Sony Commercial that I was 2nd Unit DP for. 

    Directed by Christopher Karcher, produced by emota


  14. From a short film I served as Director of Photography for.

    I find her emotion truly contagious here.

    Director: D. Fields

    DP: K. Pham

    Red Epic 5K/Red Scarlet 4K, full crew:

    6 G&E, 2 ACs, DIT, 1 Steadicam Operator, 1 Jib Operator

    Finally found that sacred green/blue flourescent look I had been searching for.


  15. Stefan & Christy

    Sandu Negrea & Kevin Pham

    Nolan Freeman

    I am the cinematographer